Having a strong online presence in this tech world is the need of the hour. Everything is online- the grocery, shopping, connecting, and even education in the form of online courses. Popular brands have made their identity online by selling e-learning courses and thus the trend of selling e-learning courses has become viral in recent years. The interesting thing is that even people are opting for online courses to save their time and effort to find an excellent offline tutor. Therefore, there should be no doubt in the fact that online courses can earn you millions of dollars over time with constant evolvement and advancement in technology as it makes it effortless for people to get all the services they want at the tip of their fingers. 

So, without having any obstacles let’s get started with the steps to increase your online presence by selling e-learning courses. 

Creating Online Courses 

Creating and selling online courses requires deep planning like all the other businesses we launch offline. One major support for the fact that selling e-learning courses is a beneficial business is that the government is also supporting and investing in the e-learning of the public. Hence, there is no doubt in the certainty of the boom of this industry in the future. 

However, for selling online courses, you will have to create an online course, first. Let’s first get into how online courses are created before we discuss how your online presence is enhanced by selling e-learning courses. 

  1. Select a demanding Subject in the Market 

Research this topic as deeply as you can. Though it is only the kickstart of your online courses, choosing a demanding subject will be the main element that will make you proficient in selling e-learning courses for the rest of your life. Go for a topic that most people are interested in learning. People often purchase online courses for certain reasons. Following are some of them. 

  • To gain knowledge for a career perspective. 
  • To continue their education in the same subject. 
  • Some people are passionate about learning new things and skills constantly.

We can observe and search online which fields have gone on an upsurge in recent times. For example-

  • People are showing keen interest in the  Fitness Industry or Yoga Classes at the current time. 
  • Computer and Tech Education is one of the subjects with broad scope. Careers such as Graphic design, Web Development, editing, etc. are in great demand because of online exposure. 
  • Business and entrepreneurship is one of the high-demand industries in the current scenario. 
  • Content Writing is going viral with the requirement for all the businesses going online. 
  • Arts and Crafts is also a field that is going viral. 

These are some of the subjects which are going viral in recent times. Choose one specific subject related to your preference and interest. Analyze making the content on which subject will be a matter of fun for you in the long-term and get stick to it. Think about which subject you can get more creative with over time because selling e-learning courses will need changes in the content and perception over time to make it more demanding in the market.  Even if you already have some knowledge, research it to have all over knowledge about the subject so that you can transfer your knowledge into your expertise. It will give you a clear idea of the requirements for starting your online courses.  

  1. Start With Upgraded and Right Devices 

To sell e-learning courses it is crucial to make them and for making a good course, you will need good equipment. 

Start with researching which devices top brands in your business use Or what are the best brands known for their devices and that at affordable prices. Don’t only see your budget and cheap equipment, go for expensive but durable ones. Remember you can’t invest your money on the equipment and devices over and over again as there are many other expenses that go with online courses. Thus consider spending ample money on high-quality products. 

Some of the  devices and equipment you will need contain the following: 

  1. A good HD Camera
  2. A high-quality microphone
  3. A good laptop to maintain scripts and document
  4. A good smart screen or projector
  5. A good smartphone to connect with the buyers of your courses to hear their queries 
  6. Good Lights 
  7. Proper software for editing 

You can also connect with your friends regarding this. There may be some contacts you can come to know who can provide them to you with discounts. 

3. Making  Your Target Audience Aware of Your Course

Now, when you have selected a subject, your primary task is to make a certain target audience. You can target them through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Blog posts, Facebook and YouTube. Think about which age group is more likely to be interested in the subject. You will have to study and analyze which type of content they love to consume.  It will help you determine the size of your target audience and in which way you need to frame your content. To make the minds of your target audience purchase your e-learning course, you will have to convince them that your course is much better than others out there and is worth spending their money on. It will help you sell e-learning courses. Here are some of the ways can you make appealing content for your social media platforms and make your audience purchase your course through a call to action in your content:

  • Engaging and relatable content:

Maintaining your social media content with updates and molding them in the form of engaging and relatable memes is getting a viral trick for all the content creators to attract the attention of viewers, nowadays. Keep yourself up to the updates on the exams of notifications of the subjects you are taking your online courses on and express your feelings in the form of relatable memes. This will make your audience relate with your content and they can give your e-course a try. This can be a game-changer for you to sell e-learning courses you are working hard for. 

  • Make Your Audience Feel Involved

Making your audience feel like listening to their problems and queries is the key to the success of your business. It can take it to all new heights. Making your audience feel like listening to them is the reason they will choose you over your competitors. You can interact with them through live chats and calls on various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, the platforms that are popular among them. One of the best ways to know what is going on in their minds is you ask them certain questions in the form of quizzes or challenges because a person takes them as a challenge to themselves and prefers mostly to answer them. It can encourage them to know more about your course and thus it can greatly help you in selling e-learning courses. 

4. Choose a Good Hosting Platform 

This is a crucial thing to sell e-learning courses. When choosing a hosting platform, go for the one where you can host and sell your courses such as Udemy. Search for a hosting system where access to your courses is easy. Choose a platform with the following features: 

  • An online course platform that is designed to suit all of the course creator’s needs, including video hosting and marketing.
  • Second, you have the option of self-hosting. Even though this option is more expensive, you will have complete control over your online course.
  • A marketplace for selling online courses, similar to Udemy. It will allow you to tailor your trademarks while also generating revenue.

5. Deciding the Charges 

After creating the course, the most crucial thing is to decide the charges so that it becomes easy for you to sell e-learning courses. You can test a Pricing and Error before clinging on to a fixed price. At the start of your course, you will have to do enough calculations. Think of your expense on the course, the duration of the course, the expertise you are providing for the learners, and how much the audience is willing to give. The Pricing and Error test can give an idea to you about this. You can determine the charges of your e-learning courses on the following basis: 

  • Make a blueprint of how much you have spent overall from the course to the devices. Ensure that you have enough budget to recover if you set the prices low for the first few months. Simultaneously, keep it in your mind that if you suddenly make a vast change in the rates of your online courses after some months, the amount of your course buyers can be decreased. So, try to keep it moderate as per your preferences. 
  • You should study the income sources and lifestyle of your target audience to come to a conclusion about making a fixed price for your e-learning course.
  • Checking the price of the competitor’s courses can be a game changer for you. Try to understand their marketing strategies and pricing policies. It will help you to make more money in this competitive market. 

6. Launch Your Course With a Small Audience

After you are ready with your course to be delivered to the audience, test its relevance or it is ready for the public. It will be a great idea if you will check it with a small audience before launching it on the main platform. But while testing it, make sure that the audience here is also anonymous to you. That’s only when your results will be impartial and you will be able to find the loopholes in the course. This process is known as Seed Launch. With this small experiment, you will be able to: 

  • Uncover any relevant needs and modifications in your content 
  • Identify the needs of the market
  • The income status of the target audience and if they are willing to pay the among you have decided to sell e-learning courses. 

7. Create and Decide a Journey for the Buyers

To sell e-learning courses and make millions of dollars through them, it is essential to keep in touch with the buyers of your courses. It’s not like making the mind of your audience buy your course. Your actual job starts when a person buys your courses. Observe their feelings after buying your courses. To make the buyer’s journey more pleasant with you, make a process, which will work when they have any problem. It can be in the following form: 

I. Becoming Aware of a Problem: 

It is to search for any problem your buyer or customer is facing and get into the details of that problem. 

II. Solutions to the Problem:

It is about coming up with an effective solution to the problem. 

III. Decision:

People finally decide if they want to purchase your service or not. 

8. Feedback: 

Feedback can work wonders for you. They can expose certain areas of your business that need improvements which will lead your record of selling e-learning courses to a hike. Ask them for feedback and any modifications they want in the content of the services you provide.


Although you can make millions of dollars by selling e-learning courses, it is not a piece of cake, though. Make enough planning, hire efficient tutors, make the space you will work at look great with adequate lighting and look for software that is essential for you in this journey. You may have spent a lot to launch your e-learning course but it is not the thing that will get a hike overnight. You have to be patient when your name comes out from the mouths of the audience automatically whenever there is a talk of e-learning courses. With all of this, hard work and consistency are the things that should not be interrupted in this journey. Want to launch your own e-learning course and make it fruitful? Connect with Digital Freedom Society, because we give you the unique solutions which are the secret to going from just a name to a brand in the sea of this digital era.

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