Online course creation might be a popular business but generating profitable revenue from it can be challenging for an online course creator. The starting phase can be challenging to make an online course but you will have to look for other stable sources of income once your course gets that fame and becomes popular among your target audience. 

To stay financially stable, particularly in the tough times is a must-have skill for an online course creator. This blog is a must-read for anyone who is struggling with the financial stability of his online course and wants to generate some other income sources. 

  1. Selling Study and Other Related Material 

During the starting phase of your online course, selling all the primary stuff and study materials, you can think of will not only make you money but also will help you in your free marketing. Through selling these materials you can make people aware of your online course and can get the opportunity to be familiar with them face to face which will make your emotional bonding with them. It will ensure that they will be more likely to buy your course in the future, if they require one, and will support you since they have met you in person. You can think of other ways to sell these materials in a way that people come to know that you are an online course creator. It will make them take an interest in knowing what kind of courses you take or if are they at affordable prices so that they can think of buying one: 

  • Course Content: The core content of the online course can make significant revenue for an online course creator. You can make a short outline or summary to sell to people as it will be cost-effective and also will make people curious about your online course content but only if you have presented your material with quality content. 

  • Merchandise: You can create and sell branded merchandise for your online course such as T-shirts, mugs, or other materials related to the brand or course. 

  • Workshops: You can conduct a workshop on a topic related to your course to reach your potential audience. These physical events or workshops are a great opportunity for an online course creator to showcase his expertise to attract more and more target audiences and they are your exclusive opportunity to connect personally with people. 

  • Community Memberships: You can make a community where people will have to pay to join the community to become a member of it or get access to the material of the community. 

  • Swipe Flies: A compilation of the best examples in a specific industry or niche.

  • Templates: Pre-made templates or frameworks that can be utilized to begin solving a problem.

2. Collaboration, Brand Deals, and Sponsorships: Sponsorships are one of the best ways to generate income once your course or brand has gained significant popularity or reached your target audience. You can approach companies and brands and offer them that you will promote their products and services to your students in exchange for money and commission. Collaborating with popular brands and companies will not only provide you financial support but your brand will also get significant exposure and popularity. 

As an online course creator, it becomes easy to collaborate with other brands as you can promote the products and services of your sponsor partners in your classes and there will be no additional cost and time you have to spend to promote your sponsor partners. 

Following is an outline of how can you generate revenue from collaborations, brand deals, and sponsorships: 

  • Identifying Compatible Brands: Before getting attracted to this visually appealing world of collaborating with popular brands and partners it’s crucial to search for brands and partners that align with your course content and target audience. To achieve a natural fit and authenticity in your collaborations, look for entities that share similar values and ambitions.

  •  Build a Strong Personal Brand: Building a brand that showcases your personality and expertise before approaching any brand for sponsorship is crucial for an online course creator as it makes you more appealing to potential collaborators. 

  • Create High-Quality Content: Producing high-quality course content consistently is crucial for an online course creator as it develops credibility and attracts the attention of potential partners. To demonstrate the value you can provide your students and possible partners, showcase your knowledge through entertaining and useful material.

  • Develop a Media Kit: A media kit is a formal document that contains important information about you, your brand, and your target audience. Include pertinent facts such as student enrollment, social media followers, and engagement metrics. Make it easy for potential collaborators to comprehend the value you contribute by clearly articulating the benefits of teaming with you.

  • Pitch Your Expertise: When approaching potential collaborators, stress how your knowledge as an online course creator may help their audience. Showcase the educational value you provide through your courses and how it corresponds with your audience’s interests and demands. Create a convincing pitch that highlights the distinctive features of your courses and teaching style.
  • Offer Customized Educational Content: Customize your courses or develop special modules to correspond with a brand’s products or services. This personalization can make partnerships more appealing to potential partners since it displays a commitment to create content that is directly aligned with their aims and connects with their target audience.

  • Exploring Corporate Collaboration: Work with firms and businesses to include your courses in their staff training programs. Many businesses engage in continuing education for their staff, which can generate revenue for online course creators. Customize your courses to meet the demands of certain industries, and collaborate closely with business partners to deliver personalized material. This strategy not only increases money but also identifies your courses as valuable assets in professional development.

3. Offering  Consulting Services: Consultation services have gained significant popularity in recent times because everyone wants personalized services that suit their behavior and status in person. It is also a perfect source of generating income for an online course creator. It will also help the course creator expand his knowledge while earning thousands of dollars from consulting services since many students may seek personalized consulting services related to the content of your course or their skill development. Most of the students may also want to know how joining your course will help them in their careers. 

But before offering consulting services to students, focus on positioning yourself as an expert in your industry. Because if you give bad consultation to the learners, it will make your brand and you popular, but in a negative way. To avoid it, work on your intellectual and analytical skills when your business is just growing, and do not approach people for consultation just as you start your business. Give your business some time to nourish and get the attention of your targeted audience and then you can make an impression on them by telling them that you also provide consultation services. 

Offering one-on-one consultations, group coaching sessions, or even individualized feedback on projects might help you generate extra income. Outline your consulting services and pitch them as an extension of your online courses.

 4. Sell Branded Course-Related items: If you are an online course creator with a popular course, you can sell branded items to your students. This is an excellent approach to generating cash while also expanding the reach of your online course.

Selling your branded merchandise will only work if you come up with creativity. Before making your branded merchandise ready to sell, come up with your brand statement which can be a single phrase that showcases who are you as a brand. 

You can take the example of popular brands: 

  • Coca-Cola: “Refresh the world. Make a difference.”
  • Microsoft: “Empowering others”
  • Whole Foods Market: “Nourish people and the planet”

After brainstorming on a strong brand statement, you can use it on everything from the hats and mugs used in your organization to your social media platforms. 

But you will have to brainstorm how you can minimize the cost that will result in all this execution. Partnering with a Print-on-Demand shop will do the job for you. 

Partnering with a Print-on-Demand Service

Partnering with a POD service will make you tension-free related to the printing and distribution work of your branded items as they can provide them anytime. Making a deal with Print-on-Demand services is a deal of benefit for an online course creator. This will save the time and effort of an online course creator if he decides to print, distribute, and ship the material on his own. 

5. Monetize Your Email List: For an online course creator, monetizing an email list entails carefully using your subscriber base to create cash. Following are some of the steps on how can you monetize your Email List to generate significant income from it: 

  • Build a Targeted Email List: You can create valuable lead magnets like free ebooks, webinars, or templates to make people curious about your course and to attract the attention of your potential target audience. 

  • You can use opt-in forms for your intended audience within your website pages, blog, or social media platforms. 

  • Segment Your Email List: Breaking down your email contacts into segments based on different interests, engagement levels, or other relevant criteria beneficial for your business will make it easier for you to send more personalized and targeted emails and to ensure conversion. 

  • Providing Value in Your Email Content: Being consistent in sending valuable content related to the niche through Email is crucial for an online course creator that build trust and credibility. You can share tips, and industry sights as a part of your content.

  • Cross-sell and Up-sell: Think of the services, study materials or products that are worth cross-selling to your email subscribers. You can offer exclusive offers such as upgrades and more advanced courses for your existing customers appreciating their loyalty. 

  • Engaging with Subscribers: Engaging with current subscribers or customers is key to success for an online course creator. Engaging with them occasionally will help you understand what are the areas that need improvement and what are your strong points. Ask your customers for feedback about how is your course performing and it will make it easier for you to focus on the areas of improvement.


Online course creators have several options for diversifying their revenue streams and increasing their earning potential. Creators can establish a sustainable and resilient business model by utilizing a comprehensive approach that includes affiliate marketing, membership programs, upselling, partnerships, merchandise, webinars, sponsorships, consulting, and crowdfunding.

Remember that every extra source of income not only increases your revenue but also improves the overall experience for your learners. You develop a devoted and engaged audience that is more inclined to support your future endeavors by giving value beyond the primary course content. Adopt these tactics, customize them to your own offers, and watch your online course business prosper in the competitive world of digital education.

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